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The Untitled Series – Artist Josh Levine

We kick off The Untitled Series with Art $uper $tar, Josh Levine – the leopard-headed sculptor. He swings by the studio to share his views on art and his work. Stunning visuals and high school antics ensue…

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Josh Levine art montage

Studio Visit with Josh Levine - Part 1

Studio Visit with Josh Levine – Part 2

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8 Responses to “The Untitled Series – Artist Josh Levine”

  1. JR says:

    Josh is extremely talented, love his work… also a great guy. I have to use some of his sculptures in one of my next productions… unNatural artistic craziness.

  2. hojo says:


    you should really invest in making short animated films
    and please stop talking or answering questions about
    your hair.

    your work is more important than your hair. If there was
    something more to the hair then you’d speak
    about it, right?


  3. buffyk says:

    He is really a superstar! I am inspired

  4. Thanks for opening Pandora’s box Marc. As you obviously know, the hair isn’t going anywhere.

  5. [...] The Untitled Series – Artist Josh Levine [...]

  6. rakel bernie says:

    Hi Josh
    congratulations. I am amazed of the way has grown. I remember your little piece at Casa Lyn since them the sky is your limit!!!!!!!!

  7. Mayette says:

    Josh,…your’e so blessed such great and beautiful talent…And what an Art you have created for everyone to admire…thanks for sharing the video…Good JOb!

  8. Melonie says:

    Your sour diesels look like my little dog Monty! And it’s true, Josh, your work far transcends your hair (as cool as that is). Way to go with the Untitled Series. Very unsettling…

  9. Ed Slotherman says:

    This was the best TV I saw all week. The hair segment was hilarious. Great art. Great hair.

    Super work, Josh. Wonderful web series, Marc.


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