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Marc Ostrick
CEO & Co-Founder

Marc Ostrick is an an award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur for both traditional and new media.

For the 2008 presidential election, Marc directed and produced part of the historic Barack Obama Special. This thirty-minute program aired on CBS, NBC, FOX and other networks a week prior to the election. You can see the clips here:

In 2007, Marc completed his work on HBO’s new series JOHN FROM CINCINNATI (JFC) as the executive producer for New Media where he where he worked closely with production. Marc created multiple websites, YouTube videos and content that weaved into the TV series.

Before working on JFC, Marc served as Executive Producer of the DVD/New Media division for Stun Creative, an L.A. based advertising agency and production company. Clients included Freemantle Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Warner Brothers.

In 2004, Marc co-produced and directed the Emmy-nominated series 24: Conspiracy, the first original mobile series created as a spin-off of the hit TV show 24.

Marc also runs his own production company, Ostrick Productions, where he produced and directed numerous award-winning documentaries and short films since graduating from NYU in 1994.