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El delirio del pez león

[ 3:55 - from Vimeo ]

 El delirio del pez león, or The Lionfish's Delirium, is a fever dream inspired by the lion fish plague that rids the Caribbean waters. As any good film noir, its stark shadows and smoky atmosphere are merely a physical representation of a bigger malaise, in this case, greed and power. A sly social commentary under the guise of a neo-noir under the guise of animation, El delirio del pez león can be merely admired for its sheer beauty, but a deeper immersion proves revelatory and rewarding.

Orlando Torres

eGuider: Orlando Torres
 Columbia University eGuider

I'm a film student at Columbia University, where, while amassing a huge loan debt that sometimes keeps me awake at night, I fall in love, everyday a little more, with the noble and awe-inspiring art of making movies. My short term plan is to make some money so I can achieve my mid term plan, which is to go back to Puerto Rico and shoot a good film that will make my mom proud. If those two work out, I think I'll be closer to happiness, which was my long term plan all along.

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