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Fashion Rocks with Jerell Scott

Docs & Non-Fiction (Fashion)
[ 3:13 - from Vimeo ]

Towards the culmination of Downtown LA Fashion Week, Jerell Scott (Project Runway) brought in singer Macy Gray to bring more attention to his collection. Did it work!? Hell yeah. 

Vaughn Lowery

eGuider: Vaughn Lowery
President, 360 Magazine 

Born and raised in Detroit with 5 siblings, Vaughn graduated from Cornell University's School of Industrial & Labor Relations. He is a former Vibe Intern, Saks Fifth Avenue Executive Trainee, Aetna Account Executive/Manager, and Partner of WPI PR & Marketing (NYC); he has modeled for GAP, Marc Ecko, Old Navy, Skechers and Dasani Water, among others. Best known for his TV appearances on Top Model, Scrubs and as the "Joe Boxer Guy," Vaughn's first leading role in "The Young & Evil," was an official selection of Sundance 2009. He's the grandson of Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery.

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