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Remembering Michael Jackson, King Of Pop

Remembering Michael Jackson, King Of Pop

Videos that remember and celebrate Michael Jackson, icon and pop superstar.

Moonwalker - Michael Jackson (PART 7) view now
John Wellington Ennis

Political Comedy Activist: John Wellington Ennis
Filmmaker, FREE FOR ALL!

Moonwalker - Michael Jackson (PART 7)

Music (Musical), Other Gems (Branded Entertainment, Classics)
[10:55, from YouTube]

Perhaps the apex of Michael Jackson's music video legacy was MOONWALKER, an epic sci-fi home video he put out that starred a clownish Joe Pesci as Mr. Big, the diabolical villain who wanted to push drugs on kids.  In this segment, Michael Jackson, dressed in his Smooth Criminal duds, defends some kids from the fascist police army out of Brazil by turning hmself into a flying robot space ship and blowing up the bad guys by yelling "Hooo!"