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Viral Music: The Good, Bad, and Bizarre

One of the great things about the Internet is that it provides us with a forum to share not only high quality content, but content that is so bad it's amazing. Very often, it's the terrible videos that we just can't get enough of. Here we have the Internet's most renowned artists - but remember, that doesn't necessarily mean talented...

The Mother of All Funk Chords view now
Brian Rothe

Core eGuider: Brian Rothe
Director of Content, eGuiders

ThruYOU: The Mother of All Funk Chords

Music (Music Videos), Viral (Mashup)
[3:36, from YouTube]

If this doesn't inspire creative minds, nothing will. Kutiman scours the internet for average (or below average) clips to mash-up and compile, turning them into a seven track album called "ThruYOU." It's a perfect example of taking raw, dull material and turning it into something great.