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The Best "Downfall" Parodies

Hitler was evil and had few, if any, redeeming qualities. But if one good thing came from his existence, it's a movie called "Downfall" that lead to these very entertaining parodies.

Hitler Didn't Get A Wii Fit view now
Brian Rothe

Core eGuider: Brian Rothe
Director of Content, eGuiders

Hitler Didn't Get A Wii Fit

Comedy (Spoof), Viral (Re-edits)
[4:08, from YouTube]

Uh oh, old Adolph's BMI is a little above average and it's gradually closing in on obese.  That problem can be reversed, but there's only one acceptable weight loss program for this Nazi, and that's Wii Fit.  Just be happy you're not the one who was supposed to get it for him.