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Valentine Videos

Valentine's Day may be a Hallmark holiday made up by a scheming, money-grubbing individual who wanted to cash in on romance... but who cares? February 14th comes only once a year and serves as a reminder to spread the love... something that should happen every day but is so easily forgotten. So snuggle up with that special someone, and watch some special clips this Valentine's Day.

Imagine view now
Julian Camilo Pozzi

Playwright / Video Producer: Julian Camilo Pozzi
Playwright/Video Producer, House of Broken Windows

There She Is!!: Imagine

Animation (Flash), Drama & Genre (Romance)
[7:05, from YouTube]

From SamBakZa (Korean: 삼박자) comes the addictive Flash animation series about a love at-first-sight story between a rabbit and cat. The Korean animator Amalloc uses an excellent musical track and hilarious animation sequences to tell the story (sans words) of an obsessive bunny with a passionate crush on a poor kitty. At first it seems like the cutesy-cuddly techno version of Fatal Attraction that only a Korean mind could imagine, where Glenn Close becomes Hello Kitty. But over time, it becomes a more complex story exploring the problems of interracial marriage. Seriously. As of January 2009, the five episodes of the series have been viewed over 8.5 million times on the Newgrounds site.

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