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Welcome to TV’s next dimension: the online “story extension.” Characters, subplots, scenes and clues are jumping off the tube and into the internet ether, taking us deeper into the story…and giving us more ways to procrastinate at work.

Today, nearly every show has some official presence on the web, offering episode recaps, character profiles, blogs and behind-the-scenes snapshots. But more and more, TV web extensions are taking us further into each show’s world, creating mini spin-offs from the main plot, introducing new layers to the mysteries, or offering insights into the real lives of the people depicted in the scripts. It’s no longer enough to simply lie on the couch to take it all in; viewers are now summoned to play their part, searching the internet for clues, offering up their own stories or renditions, debating with fellow viewers.

eGuiders is plumbing the depths of both TV and the internet to bring you this one-of-a-kind breakout of the multiplatform network universe. While not every show has stepped into the third dimension, we’ve seen the future, and it lies in the transmitted storyline, one that occurs across mediums, moving us to ever-smaller screens to piece together the bigger picture. Life doesn’t take place on one plane, after all, so why should TV?

— Melissa Roth


Recommended by eGuiders

LOST LOST LOST has given birth to several official online worlds over the seasons, including an entire Lostpedia portal that allows fans to edit the multi-layered entries, a cryptic Hanso Foundation site, and Oceanic Air’s "official" site. While many buzzed-about sites can no longer be found ("Dharma Wants You" and "Let Your Compass Guide You"), you can still pull up DJ Dan’s Conspiracy site, complete with "beast sightings" and TMZ-style photos of Hanso's Mittelwerk. And creator J.J. Abrams' Fuselage allows fans to pose questions to the actors and creative team while interacting with each other. eGuiders recommends
LOST LOST In "Missing Pieces," newly-created webisodes offer fresh insights into the characters' backgrounds and help answer some of the mysteries shrouding the show. eGuiders recommends
Ugly Betty A web series called "Mode After Hours" features the late night adventures and misadventures of Becky and Michael, from slumber parties to seances. eGuiders recommends
Life on Mars "A Word from Gene" is a series of segments featuring the hard-boiled wisdom of 70s cop Gene Hunt (Harvey Keitel).  

Mad Men Mad Men In "Ad Legends," real life veterans from George Lois to Jerry Della Femina star in their own 30-second spots, offering up their wisdom and memories of the ad industry's 60s heyday. eGuiders recommends
Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Actor Dean Norris offers a comedic, v-log style look at his troubles separating his character from himself, among other "Confessions". He wants his co-star to stop ad-libbing about his weight - and he needs a bigger gun! eGuiders recommends

  All Shows Watch & Chat is a social networking site at CBS where fans can connect with each other and watch episodes of shows. You can " LOL in unison at the same crazy antics" or "Throw tomatoes at contestants."  
Amazing Race Amazing Race “Phil's Diary” is an exclusive behind-the-scenes take on the Amazing Race from the show’s host, Phil Keoghan. You can also find cast interviews in the video section of the site.  

The Colbert Report The Colbert Report For those born to rap, lip-sync, dub and mash, the "Green Scream Challenge" urges viewers to do their own covers of the Stephen Colbert theme song. eGuiders recommends
  The Colbert Report Stephen FORBIDS his DJ Jazzy Jerk viewers from re-mixing his interview with a copyright curmudgeon to a "pumpin k-hole groove," and gets hundreds of disco vids of his suited self gettin' down and nasty eGuiders recommends
The Daily Show The Daily Show "The Daily Show Does the Depression" - a series of video clips from the show focused on the sad state of the economy, plus branded spots from Wendy's that offer penny-pinching tips. eGuiders recommends
  The Daily Show Daily Show Mash-ups are mini clip reels that pull together best-of moments, like Bush's Iraq moments and Obama's campaign, with Stewart's interpretations (and impressions).  
  All The Comedy Central "Insider Blog" features original videos from upcoming comedians (like Christopher Titus on Valentine's Day) and riffs on the news (like a random, out-of-his-mind kid on YouTube doubling as Michael Phelps on pot).  

Mythbusters A crew viewing party (see how Shark Week went over with its stars), extra scenes (interns trying stun guns on their tongues), and unedited shoots of speed-boat-jumps are among the clips in Mythbusters Raw.  
Deadliest Catch Between seasons, fans are fed the bait of “lost scenes” – those that didn’t make the show, such as when Captain Sig turns to the Magic 8-Ball, a greenhorn steps into his “survival suit” or a crew member talks about battling addiction.  
Man vs. Wild Survival guide Bear Grylls sheds some light on what the crew and safety teams go through before a shoot.  
Man vs. Wild A montage of “greatest hits” (e.g. worst moments) of the spills and suffering of survival guide Bear Grylls. eGuiders recommends
Planet Earth The production team recalls their favorite shoots (such as snorkeling with singing humpback whales) and favorite animals. eGuiders recommends
Planet Earth A series of sophisticated mini-docs sponsored by Acura that profile subjects including a cliff diver, a storm chasing photographer, a microbiologist in Antarctica and a speed climber. eGuiders recommends
Shark Week Aspiring Spielbergs can take a tutorial and create their own terrifying Jaws attack video from the show’s footage and outtakes. eGuiders recommends
The Detonators Multiple video screens allow visitors to watch demolition explosions from every possible angles, though some cameras are destroyed mid-blast.  
Smash Lab “Destruction Instruction” goes 360 online as multiple high speed cameras capture crashes and explosions from every angle. A separate feature allows users to control the speed - playing back experiments frame by frame.  
Time Warp Interactive videos allows visitors to use their mouse or keyboard to control the speed of the action and freeze frame on a still image – like when a Kun Tao master takes a wood pole to his six pack stomach, turning it into a ripple.  
Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe and his field producer Dave Barsky sing a song dedicated to all the people with dirty jobs.  
Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe parties it up in Kentucky after finishing his cave-cleaner apprenticeship.  
Cash Cab Host Ben Bailey answers questions from viewers, interviews other NYC cabbies and offers his Rules of the Road  
Treasure Quest The shipwreck exploration crew gets geeky and punchy in a series of a dozen webisodes that include zoom ins on the technology (HD cameras) and equipment (submarines), some deadpan comedy (production crew confessions and Halloween pranks) and hazing of the news guys. eGuiders recommends
Treasure Quest Discovery and JWM Productions announced their big discovery – the HMS “Victory” ship, an “irresistible” and historically significant target.  
Wreckreation The show about outlandish forms of fun, from horse-skiing to rodeo clown school to medieval warfare, offers up some video extras online – like the before and after of a shoot with an aspiring alligator wrestler who got her face chomped.  

24 24 “Dossier: Jack Bauer” is a series of six videos that review Jack's past heroic actions as a CTU agent in service to his country.  
America's Most Wanted America's Most Wanted Interactive features such as “Missing Person” and “Fugitives” encourage the public to help report any sightings or knowledge of subjects featured in the show - as well as others. A “Safety Blog” offers tips from the police, while “Inside the AMW Crime Center” takes us behind the scenes.  
American Dad American Dad Webcasts offer a look into the casting process and insights into how roles are created.  
American Idol American Idol "Smile Worthy" is a compilation of videos that show the excitement and nerves of contestants and their families before and after of successful auditions. "Hollywood Hopefuls" focuses on the contestants who are on their way to Hollywood, while "Memorable Auditions" gives a highlight reel of the highs and lows of the early process.  
Dollhouse Dollhouse "Inside the Echo Chamber" is not yet a fully developed show extension, but looks good and is worth checking into when the show airs.  
  Dollhouse “R Prime Lab” is an interactive mini-drama featuring Hazel, a young woman trapped in a secret room. Viewers are asked to search the internet for clues to help Hazel figure out what’s happened to her, and how and whether she should break free. New episodes are filmed based on messages viewers send in via web cam, some of which make Hazel even more paranoid.  
Fringe Fringe As of this writing, the website only had interviews with actors on the show.  
House House "Lisa and Robert" is a series of interview bites with stars Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard (docs Cuddy and Wilson), who have trouble talking straight about the show.  
Kitchen Nightmares Kitchen Nightmares A "Where are they now" series that flashes back to restaurants featured in the first season, then checks in with them to see how they've fared since.  
Lie to Me Lie to Me In "The Truth Behind Lie to Me," the show's scientific advisor, Paul Ekman, PhD, translates the science references in various clips from the show, and helps viewers learn the tricks of Tim Roth's new trade.  
Lie to Me "Faces in the News" uses news clips of real people - Obama, Hillary, Richard Nixon - to explore the facial expressions and gestures analyzed in the show.  
MADtv MADtv Music video parodies (Brittany's "I'm More Wizer") and impersonations (John McCain)  
MADtv Outtakes from a promo of an Ellen Degeneres sketch.  
MADtv All that’s left of this sketch comedy series is what’s online, and it’s worth looking at their "New Cast Member" videos, which parody typical cast interviews by taking us behind-the- scenes of their (imagined) previous lives.  
Secret Millionaire Secret Millionaire "Where are they now" is a series of segments following up with the people helped by the show's "millionaires" to spotlight what they've accomplished since their encounter.  
Simpsons Simpsons A mini doc about the band "Fall Out Boy," in which they explain their fandom and why they did a "cover" of the Simpson's theme song.  
Sit Down, Shut Up Sit Down, Shut Up An "Arrested Development" reunion with Henry Winkler, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett.  
So You Think You Can Dance So You Think You Can Dance "Move of the Week" excerpt videos highlighting the best dance sequence from the week's episode(s).  
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles "Sarah Connor" star Lena Headey addresses a panel at ComicCon.  

30 Days 30 Days "30 Day Experience" let’s viewers offer suggestions to Morgan Spurlock about what his next show should be about. eGuiders recommends
Damages Damages A Wiki with user-submitted content offers insights about the characters and episodes.  
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Paddy's Pub,” from “the worst bar in Philadelphia,” is the official blog of the show, where the creators and actors connect to their fans and talk about the episodes.  
Nip/Tuck Nip/Tuck "Skin Deep" is a web-exclusive where viewers post a picture of themselves and reveal what they don't like about their body. Viewers can then vote as to whether they should get plastic surgery or not.  
Rescue ME Rescue ME After a fancy flash animation, the offocial site doesn't seem to be working as far as showing any Exclusive Videos.  
Sons of Anarchy Sons of Anarchy "Best Rides" is a series of video interviews of bikers, who share their best routes across the US.  
Testees Testees Testees has a "Production blog" that shares stories about the production of the show.  
The Riches The Riches "Exclusive videos" is a series of short clips of deleted scenes. The overdesigned flash website makes trying to see things almost impossible and the scrolling function stops working.  
The Shield The Shield "The Roundtable Reunion Series" includes producers and cast members sharing stories about the making of the show.  

Flight of the Conchords Flight of the Conchords In this “Lipdub Fansterpiece,” if you rap like Brett and Jermaine “you won't get laid”...but you might just end up in the season finale of Flight of the Conchords. Viewers have been making videos of themselves lip-synching Jermaine's tongue-twisting opus "Hip-hop-opatamus vs Rhinoceros." The best ones will be edited into a giant mega-mashup to air during the show's finale episode. eGuiders recommends

30 Rock 30 Rock In "Dear Tracy Jordan," the actor/character answers viewers questions with his best off-the-cuff humor. eGuiders recommends
  30 Rock Tina Fey hosts her own “Ask Tina” v-blog, where she picks letters from viewers and answers them with her inimitable and hilarious deadpan humor. eGuiders recommends
  30 Rock "Bloopers" clips reveal the unscripted laughs the cast and creators have created while shooting the show. eGuiders recommends
  30 Rock In these short online vides called "Kenneth the Web Page", the character of Kenneth the page creates his own riotious videos for the fans of the show. If you love this character, this is the place for you. eGuiders recommends
  30 Rock "Under the Bleachers with John Riggi," is a show within a show within a show, in which30 Rock writer Riggi hosts an informal talk show with members of the cast like Alec Baldwin, asking them funny and off-beat questions.  
  30 Rock The "Rock Pile" is a random pile of videos about the show, aptly named.  
Deal or No Deal Deal or No Deal "Nick the Page" is a 26 segment webisode series that follows the exploits and interviews of the handsome page Nick. Nick's job is to take care of the Deal or No Deal showgirls and, not surprisingly, the webisodes mostly deal with his access to the girls and asking them questions like "are they real or fake?" eGuiders recommends
Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights "Spotlight On Austin" is a series of 88 videos that features the cast of the show sharing their favorite places in Austin. The different locations include everything from a boxing gym (Gaius Charles), a yoga studio(Zach Gilford and Minka Kelly) to a girls night out of spicy Mexican food (Adrianne Palicki & Stacey Oristano). eGuiders recommends
Heroes Heroes "The Recruit" is a web series about super-soldier Rachel Mills, who survives an explosion at the Pinehearst institution only to face Angela Petrelli. eGuiders recommends
  Heroes "Heroes: Going Postal" is a trilogy of online-only videos that introduce us to Echo De Mille, a seemingly ordinary mailman with an extraordinary ability. eGuiders recommends
  Heroes "Heroes: Destiny" is an Emmy winning micro-series made by the creators of Heroes based on the adventures of Santiago, a new character jointly "created" by millions of the show's fans voting together online through the "Create Your Hero" promotion. eGuiders recommends
  Heroes "Hard Knox" is a series of webisodes that show the origins and development of the new Heroes character Knox. eGuiders recommends
  Heroes “Heroes Evolution” offers an entire universe of nine websites exploring and building upon the series' mythology and backstories. An elaborate interactive story site (iStory) invites viewers to become the main character of various subplots by reacting to scenes through various choices that could mean the difference between life and death – or could shape the direction of the Heroes storyline itself.  
Late night with Conan O'Brian Late night with Conan O'Brian The "Horny Manatee" is a website dedicated to images of a person in a life-sized Manatee outfit partaking in various risque activities. The Hot! Live! mammal responds to reader questions, like whether his (her?) double Gs are real. eGuiders recommends
  Late night with Conan O'Brian "Late Night Insider" offers special content for fans of the show and works in conjunction with the "Underground" website.  
  Late night with Conan O'Brian "Underground" features Late Night favorite scenes, behind the scenes, and great rehearsal footage of Conan prepping with writers and guests.  
SNL SNL SNL "Digital Shorts" showcases great music videos like the classic "Iran So Far" and other genius satires by Andy Samberg, as well as the Japanese version of the Office hosted by Ricky Gervais. eGuiders recommends
  SNL "Commercial Parodies" are a listing of the funniest parodies of commercial's from Dan Akroyd's '76 classic Bassomatic to Will Ferrel's Big Brawn tampons. eGuiders recommends
  SNL "Best of SNL" are clips from the best sketches and moments from the show.  
  SNL Off-the-cuff humor from the legendary hallways and offices of SNL's 30 Rock are offering in "Behind-the-Scenes.”  
The Office The Office The "Fake PSAs" are a series of funny spots made by the cast and crew behind the Office. eGuiders recommends
  The Office "Office Summer Vacation" was an online way to feed hungry fans and promote the show Fourth Season during the pre-fall network doldroms, revealing what many of the characters from The Office did on their summer vacation. eGuiders recommends
  The Office "Deleted Scenes" are sometimes funnier than the show itself.  
  The Office "Fan Promos" are viewer created clips trying to promote the show that allow the creativity and humor of the show's followers to be on full display.  
Biggest Loser Biggest Loser "Bonus Scenes" shows more scenes that never made it into the show.  
Chuck Chuck The "Chuck Novels" is graphic novel extension of the show that allows fans to read about more of the zany adventures of nerd/spy Chuck.  
  Chuck "Chuck Versus the Webisodes" is a series of six webisodes where the Buy More workers share tips for working at the show's superstore, such as "John Casey explains how to rid the Buy More of unwanted pests," and lessons on leadership, youth marketing and work ethics.  
  Chuck "Inside Buy More" is an interactive website based on the Wal-Mart-like company where spy/tech wizard Chuck works.  
Crusoe "Creating Crusoe" is a series of behind-the-scenes footage of the show.  
Knight Rider Knight Rider The "Knight Rider Industries" is faux website about the company behind the talking car.  
Life Life "Zen Guide" is a handy guide to practicing meditation, based on the main character's need for zen practice in his police work.  
Lipstick Jungle Lipstick Jungle "Bonfire Magazine" is an actual simulation of the glossy magazine depicted in the show, complete with in-depth articles, photo shoots and product spreads.  
Medium Medium From a one-on-one with executive producer Glenn Goron Caron, to cast interviews with Patricia Arquette, Lily Rabe, and Kurtwood Smith, the small featurettes are an added bonus to fans of the show.  
My Name Is Earl My Name Is Earl The "Karma Cam" follows the premise of the show and shows videos of everyday people trying to "get good karma by confessing their bad deeds to the Karma Cam."  
  All "First Jobs" is a web-exclusive set of videos that asks the cast of a few NBC shows about their first jobs. The shows include: "ER", "My Name is Earl", "The Office", "Heroes", "30 Rock", "Deal or No Deal," and "Friday Night Lights."  
Late night with Jimmy Fallon Late night with Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon posts videos as he gets ready for his coming show: laser eye surgery, construction of the set, and other moments.  

Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica The Face of the Enemy is a ten part webisode series filled with "astonishing revelations you won't see on the show!" eGuiders recommends
  Battlestar Galactica Q&A features cast members and writers answering fan questions.  
  Battlestar Galactica Producer David Eick's blog includes video entries covering everything from the story of two fans who fell in love online and end up visiting the set to actors talking about working on the show.  
Ghost Hunters International Ghost Hunters International Deleted scenes.  
Sanctuary Sanctuary The show birthed on the web, about a lab that studies all matter of “abnormals,” is show mostly before a green screen. The show’s website offers a behind-the-scenes look at the special effects that bring it to life.  
Stargate Atlantis Stargate Atlantis Q&A with actors and creators.  

Californication Californication Video podcasts featuring interviews with the actors analyzing and explaining their characters, and what's inspired them most about the scripts. eGuiders recommends
Dexter Dexter Video interviews with the lead actors, in which they shed light on their characters' inner tensions and how they relate to the storyline.  

The Closer The Closer “True Tales from the Interrogation Room” is a series of videos about the techniques, problems and issues that face a police interrogator. eGuiders recommends
  The Closer Show creator James Duff's Video Blogs, Behind the Scenes, Inside the Writer's Room, Behind the Drama (where actors talk about the show), Best Interrogation scenes, as well as recaps and clips of the show.  
Bones Bones An on the set “Behind-the-scenes” series with the cast and crew of this cult favorite forensics dramedy.  
Leverage Leverage Executive producers Chris Downey and John Rogers share their thoughts about the making of episodes and offer behind-the-scenes and sneak peeks.  
Raising the Bar Raising the Bar Only has behind-the-scenes footage.  
Saving Grace Saving Grace “Behind the Drama” video peaks can be found on the show’s website, along with the Everlast video of the show’s theme song.  
Trust Me Trust Me The actors blog about their excitement working on the show.  
  Trust Me A faux website for the show's advertising agency with character profiles and some minimum interaction for the user.  

Psych Psych "Writer Commentaries" is a series of interviews with the show writers explaining the inspiration behind each episode, the themes and references, and the process of moving from script to screen. eGuiders recommends
Psych "Psychouts" offers deleted scenes and bloopers.  
The Starter Wife The Starter Wife "Fantasies" offers elaborate costume-and-set-decorated scenes of lead Debra Messing impersonating everyone from Queen Elizabeth (the virgin queen) to Young Frankenstein. Details are offered on what went into each production. eGuiders recommends
Burn Notice Burn Notice "Ask a Spy Tips" are series of videos featuring "burned" spy Michael Westen responding to viewers questions, such as how to tell if someone's lying and how to lose an ex who's following you.  
Monk Monk In "Create Your Own Monk Scene," viewers are offered scripts from the show and encouraged to act out their own scene - then upload it to the site and share it.