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Who Cut the Cake

2 Girls One Cup... Size

Series Comedy (Broad)
[ 4:15 - from 60 Frames ]

My compadre on The Unit, Scott Foley, has written and directed a series of webisodes about a wedding that threatens to go horribly awry. Funny, well-acted and too biting for network TV, this series really bears watching. As an added bonus, it was filmed at The Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, where my wife and I got married.

Shawn Ryan

eGuider: Shawn Ryan
Executive Producer, Writer The Shield and The Unit

Shawn is a writer and the creator of the Golden Globe-winning and two-time Emmy-nominated The Shield on FX and The Unit on CBS, where he was partnered with David Mamet and served as showrunner. Ryan got his start in television as a staff writer on the show Nash Bridges and served as producer on Angel before creating and head-writing The Shield.

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