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Apocalypse Newscast

Comedy (Dark Comedy), Music (Music Videos)
[ 1:39 - from YouTube ]

Barats and Bereta bring together everybody's favorite things: the nightly news and the end of the world. How can you not watch? 

Rhett & Link

eGuider: Rhett & Link
Online Video Creators, YouTube Celebrities 

Rhett & Link are a comedy duo best known for their collection of over 200 web videos, which have been seen over 15 million times. Their music videos, such as "The Facebook Song" and "The BBQ Song," generating over 2.5 million and 500,000 views respectively, have been their biggest hits thus far. Rhett & Link have written and recorded nearly 100 original songs, completed two award-winning films, and served as hosts on network television programming. They own and operate a video production company in North Carolina and have created original series for Fortune 500 brands and major studios. 

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