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Chris Blake - Googling Web's Biggest Mistakes

Music (Music Videos)
[ 3:20 - from YouTube ]

The web is the world's biggest confessional. We tell Google secrets we don't tell our partners, parents, spouses, or kids. Secrets about regret - like leaving the webcam on during a private moment, or marrying at age 19, or sending a booty call text message to your mom instead of your lover. In this video, Chris Blake sets our biggest regrets to music. This is quite possibly my all-time favorite Web video. It brings a wistful smile to my face every time I watch. 

Daisy Whitney

eGuider: Daisy Whitney
Multimedia Reporter, Journalist, TV Week, New Media Minute

Daisy Whitney is a writer, producer, on-air correspondent, podcaster and expert in the new media business. She writes and reports for Beet.TV, NBC's KNTV, MediaPost, TVWeek’s NewsPro, Emmy Magazine and This Week in Media. As a senior content producer, she programs conferences for iMedia. She is also the host and creator of the New Media Minute, her own weekly news report on the business of online video that is produced in partnership with NATPE and carried on Beet.TV, the Huffington Post and Daisy also provides strategy consulting on online video. She is the author of the forthcoming novel THE MOCKINGBIRDS, to be published by Little Brown. Her Web site is

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