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Fantastic Planet

Animation (Cartoon / Traditional), Drama & Genre (Sci-Fi)
[ 1:12:21 - from YouTube ]

Rene's images are unique, with a sense of sadness. The story is the silhouette of the image itself. You'll see what I mean after watching.

Yao Lv

eGuider: Yao Lv
 Columbia University eGuider

Born in the northeast of China, in a city called Changchun (the name means 'always in spring'), I have a BA in literature from Jilin University, and a MA in comparative literature from Fudan University. Growing up day dreaming and reading, all I ever wanted to be was a storyteller. I'm interested in both stories, and the way they are told. Being raised by my mother who is a screenwriter, we had a lot of screenplays in our apartment when I was a little kid. I used to drew on the back, and read the words "INT. BEDROOM, NIGHT". They were my first reading materials. And the reason why I'm interested in film. Right now, I'm an MFA candidate at Columbia University, with a directing concentration.

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