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Good-bye Twitter Rap by Miley Cyrus

Music (Music Videos)
[ 1:46 - from YouTube ]

Oh Miley, how we'll miss you on Twitter... hopefully you'll keep the rapping gig... or not.

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This little power puff is going to look back at her silly little self in 15 years and see what a nothing she was!! Ha, ha, ha!! If this nut was food she'd be a cotton candy or a McDonald's shake!! He, he, he! The only language she has is a shake of the ass!! What a way to bring up your daughter!! I can see her daddy say: C'mon go out there girl and shake that ass!! It'll bring you a ton of money- forget education!! All you need to do is go out there and shake ass! That's where the money is! That is the kind of little bunny rabbit this girl has grown up to be!! She's bet nootered to go out and make money by shakin her ass!! Then they wonder why these bitches are so f'd up when they turn 25 and old enough to leave home. She's doesn't quite strip naked but she's at the same level as prostitute! What a role model to other American girls!! Then these bimbo's wonder why they're stereo-typed!! Psssss! You go girl!

Shankler  |  Mon. Oct. 12, 2009 8:36 PM  | 
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