<a href="https://www.joost.com/163wgnv/t/Is-There-Too-Much-Graphic-Violence-In-Our-Dreams">Is There Too Much Graphic Violence In Our Dreams?</a>

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Is There Too Much Graphic Violence In Our Dreams?

Comedy (Broad, Spoof)
[ 2:36 - from Joost ]
Adult Language
This video is part of our The Freshest Joost Videos Spotlight

I'm an avid watcher of Sunday morning political chat/debate shows, so the "In The Know" videos from The Onion are consistently hilarious for me. They do an amazing job lampooning these types of shows. Lately they've been getting more outrageous and surreal, and this episode is no exception. Keep your eyes on my favorite panelist, Nancy Fichlander - she's literally insane! 

John Schultz

eGuider: John Schultz
Director of Programming, Joost 

I spend my time at Joost digging into our vast video library and finding the most compelling content to share with our users. I'm constantly surprised at the diversity and quality of our content - from our classic Godzilla film library to our insanely deep music video collection - there's always something interesting and unique to watch. I work closely with our partners and an amazing Joost team to come up with creative ways to package together and promote our content on-site and off-site - whether it's a video quiz about the original Star Trek series, a countdown of the best Naruto anime fight scenes, or our Joost music playlists. I've worked in TV production and digital video for the past 9 years, and I live in Manhattan with my imaginary dog Frankie.  

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