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The Glass Harmonica

Music (Live, Music Profiles)
[ 4:03 - from YouTube ]

Remember that crazy uncle that would always pull that trick where he makes a wine glass "sing"? The Glass Harmonica gives a person the ability to make 10 glasses sing at the same time. Horizontally aligned glasses are attached to a supporting rod that is cranked while a musician rests wet fingers over the glasses. Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss created compostions specifcally made for the Glass Harmonica. The Glass Harmonica could make "new age" music before the genre even existed.

Michael Tapp

eGuider: Michael Tapp
Content Creator | Shooter | Camera Tech 

Michael Tapp has been working in the television and film industry for five years, relentlessly pursuing his craft since the very beginning. For over a year Michael maintained top of the line high-definition and film cameras while he worked at Armanda Costanza Inc. as a motion picture camera technician. He has also edited shows for the D.I.Y. Network and has shot footage for the Travel Channel. Michael and co-creator Michael Margle developed Scott Summit, a spoof on self-help gurus like Dr. Phil and Tony Robbins. Michael is excited to be a part of New Media and thrilled to have a role in the redevelopment of television as we know it. He is currently based out of Tennessee, enjoys playing guitar, and would love an office in the Sunsphere.

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