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The Maria Bamford Show

The Maria Bamford Show 1

Series Comedy (Dry), Other Gems (TV Show Extensions)
[ 5:18 - from YouTube ]

Stand-up comedienne, Maria Bamford transposes material from her stand-up shows into this unique one-woman series for Unlike anything else on the web, “The Maria Bamford Show” is visually odd at first but the rhythm is catching and the impressions are unforgettably funny. Watch all twenty episodes all at once, or pace them our for a delightful pleasure delay experience. *Note: Since Super Deluxe's shut down, these videos have become hard to find. Here's episode 1 on YouTube. We hope to get you the complete season very soon. Stay tuned...

Brigitte Liebowitz

eGuider: Brigitte Liebowitz
Co-founder of HUGE Productions (Indie and New Media content)

Brigitte is an independent writer/producer and a Columbia University MFA.

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