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AYDS Commercial

Comedy (Unintentionally Funny), Other Gems (Advertisements), Viral (Time Capsule)
[ 0:30 - from YouTube ]
This video is part of our Forgotten Commercials: Lost In Time, Found Online Spotlight

AYDS - now that's a product in need of a new marketing team. It's easy to understand why this weight-loss product failed so quickly. Fortunately, all that remains of this poorly executed ad campaign is this commercial... for 30 seconds, and 30 seconds only, we can enjoy AYDS.

Brad Caleb Kane

eGuider: Brad Caleb Kane
Writer, Producer

Originally from New York City, Brad got started in show business at eight years old. Since then, Brad has been a part of many creative endeavors, most recently receiving wide recognition and praise as a writer and producer for current TV shows like Fringe, Crash, and Gravity. He's currently writing an adaptation of the bestselling novel "The Historian" for Sony.

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