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Forgotten Commercials: Lost In Time, Found Online

We rarely appreciate modern-day commercials when we see them on TV; a commercial's true cultural impact can only be measured when we rediscover it years later. The Internet is a time machine, and these dated treasures have the power to transport us to our younger days when TV was all we had.

Swine Flu Public Service Announcement view now
Marc Ostrick

Core eGuider: Marc Ostrick
Co-Founder, eGuiders

Swine Flu Public Service Announcement

Other Gems (Advertisements), Viral (Time Capsule)
[1:31, from YouTube]

Until the recent outbreak of swine flu hit, most of us had forgotten it even existed.  But this throwback PSA from the 1970s points out that swine flu is a force to be reckoned with.  You're not too fast to let it catch you, and as healthy as you think you may be, you're just as likely to contract the illness as anyone else.  Let this serve as a friendly reminder to wash your hands as often as you can to prevent the spread of this terrible epidemic.