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Forgotten Commercials: Lost In Time, Found Online

We rarely appreciate modern-day commercials when we see them on TV; a commercial's true cultural impact can only be measured when we rediscover it years later. The Internet is a time machine, and these dated treasures have the power to transport us to our younger days when TV was all we had.

'80s Anti-Drug Commercial - Your Brain on Drugs view now
Marc Ostrick

Core eGuider: Marc Ostrick
Co-Founder, eGuiders

'80s Anti-Drug Commercial - Your Brain on Drugs

Other Gems (Advertisements), Viral (Time Capsule)
[0:15, from YouTube]

A classic example of a simple ad with a powerful message, this is a throwback to the Drug-Free America PSAs of the 1980s. Let this be a reminder to us all - drugs are bad for our bodies... unless we want to eat our brains for breakfast.