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Fluffy Friends You Can't Forget: Animals on the Internet

Have a pet? Film it. A trip to the zoo coming up? Film it. The fact is, you never know what treasures you might catch on camera, and the whole world is waiting to see that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Here's what you do: 1) grab a small camera, 2) roll tape, and 3) upload your best stuff to YouTube. The next viral hit could be yours!

Pug Falls in Toilet view now
Drew Blatman

Core eGuider: Drew Blatman
Filmmaker, Sunset Television

Pug Falls in Toilet

Viral (Animals)
[0:59, from YouTube]

Oh, so this is why you're supposed to put the toilet seat down. This poor pug is bewildered at his new predicament as his master laughs maniacally. I would to. 

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