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April Fool's

The Price is Right - April Fool's Showcase view now
Eli Batalion

Core eGuider: Eli Batalion
Writer / Producer

The Price is Right - April Fool's Showcase

Comedy (Broad), Other Gems (TV Clip)
[3:42, from YouTube]

I have to admit that I was skeptical about Drew Carey's replacement of Bob Barker on the good ol' PIR, but I see the show is in good hands with this prank from last year. This crazy showcase is partially hilarious based on its ridiculousness (including a trip to "Boguslavania" on OCD Airlines), and partially hilarious based on the contestant - and audience's - failure to recognize there was anything weird about it. (PS: you can tune out once the joke's over halfway through, unless you're committed to finding out the retail value of a 2008 Corvette).