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Belleville Rendezvous

Animation (Cartoon / Traditional), Other Gems (Film Clip)
[ 2:31 - from YouTube ]

"Les Triplettes de Belleville" is a musical comedy written and directed by Slyvain Chomet. The story follows the "up there in years" Souza Sisters, who must outwit the French Mafia to recover their grandson. It's very French, extremely moving, and is set in a world beyond standard imagination. The animation is sheer bliss. 

Michael Sean Wright

eGuider: Michael Sean Wright
Founder of nicefishfilms

Frequent quoter of big ideas including Hermann Hesse's 1936 poem Hours in the Garden - "I hear music and see men of the past and future. I see wise men and poets and scholars and artists harmoniously building the hundred-gated cathedral of Mind."

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