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Dimitri the Stud

Part 1

Series Comedy (Broad, Spoof), Viral (Shock)
[ 2:28 - from YouTube ]

The guy 're-enacting' Dimitri the Stud is an absolute genius. As an actor, I find his work to be close to brilliant it is to put his own "interpretation" onto these very scary phone messages, and then flawlessly pull it off.....I can't get enough of him.

Willie Garson

eGuider: Willie Garson
Actor, Sex and the City

Willie is most known for playing the part of Stanford Blatch on HBO's Sex and the City. He has also been seen in recurring roles on John from Cincinnati and Stargate SG1. He can be seen in feature films such as Groundhog Day, Being John Malkovich, and There's Something About Mary.

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in 1820 a man named fredrick osloft one day he was working in his lab until a ghost came by and killed him the next morning fredrick was nowhere to be seen 100 years later two boys went in the lab as a dare the boys where never seen again where aparently murdered now that u have read this comment tonight when u go to sleep the two boys and fredrick will come and murder you but you can stop this by posting this comment on 5 other videos by midnight im sorry i relly hate these things :'(

aaaa  |  Sat. Apr. 25, 2009 2:05 PM  | 
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