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Blah Girls


Series Animation (Flash), Comedy (Broad)
[ 1:27 - from YouTube ]

OMG! Ashton is at it again with his new series Blah Girls! This is totally the coolest web series, like, ever. The BFFs discuss serious topics like adoption, couture, and the SO CUTE JoBros. Okay, these videos may be for a younger girly crowd, but production values are sharp writing here deserves some props. Totally well done!

Marc Ostrick

eGuider: Marc Ostrick
Co-Founder, eGuiders

Marc’s a filmmaker and new-media activist at heart. He recently produced and directed segments for Obama’s historic American Stories, American Solutions television special. In 2007, Marc was fortunate to break new ground on HBO’s John From Cincinnati as the first new-media filmmaker embedded into a television series to organically extend the characters and universe of the show online. In 2005, working with Fox Television and Verizon, Marc got to direct 24: CONSPIRACY - the first original mobile series that was created as a spin-off of the hit TV show 24 and was nominated for an Emmy Award. When he’s not creating content or telling everyone he knows about amazing online videos, Marc is hanging out with his beautiful wife and little girl.

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