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Stevie Wonder Drum Solo (Japan 1982)

Music (Live), Viral (Time Capsule)
[ 4:03 - from YouTube ]

This video is remarkable for a variety of reasons.  When Stevie Wonder decides "I think I want to play the drums," a team assembles a full kit for him within about thirty seconds.  And then a man in a white suit and orange hat leads Stevie to the drum kit, bobbing to the music, and pats him on the afro after he is seated.  And then, of course, Stevie plays an awesome solo, and we're left to wonder if we'll ever be half as good at anything.

Graham Mason

eGuider: Graham Mason
Writer, Videomaker, Member of Sunset Television

Graham Mason is a writer, animator, videomaker, and member of the experimental comedy collective "Sunset Television."  He's from Michigan and lives in New York.

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