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Pearl Jam - "Just Breathe"

Music (Live), Other Gems (TV Clip)
[ 3:58 - from Hulu ]

“When you leave [a friend’s] funeral, that drive is as important as any single stretch of road you'll travel on,” Eddie Vedder told Rolling Stone in 2006. “You've got a renewed appreciation for life. And I think that feeling can last through the day, through the week, but then things start getting back to normal and you start taking this living and breathing and eating thing for granted.” That’s why he writes the songs. This one, in particular, can take your breath away... reminding you not to take it for granted.

Melissa Roth

eGuider: Melissa Roth
Journalist, Author, Web Producer

Melissa Roth has written story extensions and webisodes for HBO shows including Entourage, Big Love, Sex & the City and John from Cincinnati. The author of two books (On the Loose and The Left Stuff), has written for The Washington Post, Rolling Stone and Self magazine. She is currently producing two web series, Miss Beasley's Pick-Up School for Girls and Byron's Barcalounger.

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