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Thank You Maskman - Lenny Bruce

Animation (Cartoon / Traditional), Comedy (Dry, Politics)
[ 7:20 - from YouTube ]
Adult Language

This is a hilarious animation of a stand up routine on hero worshipping from Lenny Bruce, the genius stand up comedian from the 50's and 60's. In a short span of time, the heroic figure of the Masked Man (a Lone Ranger looking fella) is critically torn apart, as is our society that loves to worship and destroy its heroes. Lenny paid heavily for his brilliant social commentary and his hilarious criticism. It's good to go back to a time when entertainers could truly threaten the establishment. 

Julian Camilo Pozzi

eGuider: Julian Camilo Pozzi
Playwright/Video Producer, House of Broken Windows

Julian Camilo Pozzi is producing traditional and new media projects that strive to combine compelling entertainment with pressing social concerns. He is interested in supporting and collaborating with like-minded professionals.

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