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Twouble with Twitters

Animation (Cartoon / Traditional), Comedy (Broad), Other Gems (Branded Entertainment)
[ 4:24 - from Current ]

I'll admit, I'm obssessed with Twitter. But you know what? I'm not alone! This animated video takes a stab at the crazy twitter phenomenon and all us twitterholics involved. Whether you are a twitter lover or hater, this video will definitely make you laugh.

Shira Lazar

eGuider: Shira Lazar
TV and New Media Host, Blogger and Lifecaster

A native of Montreal, Shira made her name on TV as host of the weekly lifestyle magazine show 1st Look and Open House on NBC, and as a correspondent on Reelz Channel's daily movie news show Dailies. As a crossover personality and hybrid journalist, Shira continues to bridge the gap between old and new media.

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