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8,800 Pennies

Viral (Homemade, Shock)
[ 10:00 - from YouTube ]
Adult Language

This video is getting a lot of traction on the web, and generally, people have been supportive of what Jordan did, including the local news station.  I, on the other hand, have a much different opinion of this young man.  Jordan, this message is for you: You cannot pay a towing company in pennies just because it caused you some minor inconvenience.  Next time, why don't you try parking your car where it's legal?  And if you do happen to get towed, call a friend to pick you up.  No one told you to walk the entire 15 miles - that's something you can only blame on yourself.  So own up to responsibility - what you did is wrong on so many levels.  And by the way, choosing to pay in pennies is NOT what it means to be an American; that's what it means to be an A-hole.  So take your pure legal tender and shove it.

Brian Rothe

eGuider: Brian Rothe
Director of Content, eGuiders

Recent west coast transplant and production expert.

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