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A Charlie Brown Ad Agency

Animation (Cartoon / Traditional), Comedy (Spoof), Viral (Dubbed Over)
[ 5:47 - from YouTube ]
Adult Language

Anyone who's ever worked in advertising will appreciate the industry references and accurate depiction of the struggles between creatives and account people in this spoof on 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.  But perhaps the most hilarious aspect of the entire video is watching the beloved characters dropping expletives and recounting drunken one night stands that make the cast of 'Mad Men' look like prudes.  Like all Charlie Brown stories, there is an important lesson, and in this case, Linus gives us words to live by: "only by lying, cheating and stealing can you achieve true greatness."  You just sold your soul to advertising, Charlie Brown.

Gennefer Gross

eGuider: Gennefer Gross
Writer, Producer, Branded Entertainment Specialist 

Gennefer is an entertainment marketer and digital media executive turned comedy writer, producer and host.  She is currently co-founder of Gross Factor Productions, an independent film and television production company she runs with her husband and writing partner, David. Gennefer has developed several scripted television series, produced multiple comedy short films, an original mobile series and has served as creative director in commercial television advertising campaigns. A creative thinker with a keen eye for quality content and the talent to write and produce it, Gennefer is re-imagining entertainment and harnessing the traditional and digital convergence to create compelling multi-platform experiences.

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