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Ah, L'Amour

Animation (Cartoon / Traditional), Comedy (Broad)
[ 2:11 - from Atom ]
This video is part of our Our Atom Video Favorites! Spotlight

Any man who's ever had his heart torn apart by a lady will appreciate this hilarious cartoon in which a man's heart is literally torn apart by a lady (and his brains are shot out, and so on and so forth...) Presumably creator Hertzfeld has had some very healthy relationships with women in his life and is only drawing on stories relayed to him by close friends. I too can relate to this through close friends. Extremely close friends... 

Eli Batalion

eGuider: Eli Batalion
Writer / Producer

Eli Batalion is a writer and producer with over 10 years experience in the comedy and theatre industries, including award-winning shows at Just For Laughs and Edinburgh. He is currently developing content for Fremantle Media's Atomic Wedgie site as well as a musical for the big, small and medium-sized screen.

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