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Bo Burnham - Love Is...

Comedy (Broad), Music (Live)
[ 3:52 - from Comedy Central ]

I love things that are shockingly offensive and inappropriate on every level (see: SOUTH PARK) and somehow find a way in the midst of that to make me laugh. I also love incredibly smart people who find new and absurd ways to repackage historical anecdotes. I for one have never considered that reading Anne Frank's diary was a violation of her privacy... but that's why Bo Burnham is a genius and I just write a silly TV show.

Damon Lindelof

eGuider: Damon Lindelof
Co-Creator & Executive Producer, Lost

Damon is the co-creator and executive producer for the hit television series Lost. He has also written and produced Crossing Jordan, and wrote for Nash Bridges and Wasteland. Lindelof is also the writer of the comic book miniseries Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk for Marvel Comics and is serving as producer on the upcoming Star Trek feature film.

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