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Buddy 'N Andy

Comedy (Broad)
[ 3:02 - from YouTube ]
Adult Language

Talk about your "odd couple?" How can a butcher and a piece of meat live together in (two part) harmony? Well, Buddy n' Andy find a way with a little help from their magical household friends and guest-star Dave Foley. If you like comfortable, wholesome, family fun, then you will NOT like this.

Perry Sachs

eGuider: Perry Sachs
Writer, Producer, Director

Born from the world of sketch comedy (The Groundlings, Acme Comedy Theater and a founding member of the late 90’s sketch group The Joke Pimps) Perry is best known as a contributing writer for SNL’s Weekend Update and as the co-creator, writer and director of the upcoming webseries Simian Undercover Detective Squad, a co-production with Henson Alternative.  He went on to co-write and produce another Henson Alternative webseries, Alt Reality, which is a puppet driven sketch show revolving around the world of reality TV.  Perry is currently developing his third Henson Alternative digital project for the Zune Network.  It’s the story of a man who turns into a crime-fighting hamster titled, Mannster. He is also developing his award winning dark comedy short “F” into a musical feature film.  Perry is a managing partner in a full service production house called, FourFront Productions.

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