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Danish Mother Seeking...

Viral (Viral ads)
[ 2:28 - from YouTube ]
Adult Language

Taking viral video to new lengths (or lows) -- this heartfelt plea from a young unwed mother in Denmark is actually an advertising campaign.  I repeat, an AD CAMPAIGN, confirmed to have been created by the Visit Denmark tourism organization.  Go ahead and watch, just please excuse me whilst I go wash my hands, as I just can't seem to get this weird slimy feeling off my skin. It appears VisitDenmark CEO Dorte Kiilerich and his marketing peeps decided tourists have had enough of pretty landscapes, cafes, and architecture (yawn).  Now tourists are looking for.... what exactly?

Varlo Vanore

eGuider: Varlo Vanore
Writer, Musician

Varlo Vanore is a writer, musician and tech geek. She geeks out in Hollywood doing post-production and special effects for music videos, films and DVDs. Her clients include Mariah Carey, The Police Reunion Tour, Black Eyed Peas, HBO, Nickelback and most recently the feature Marley and Me. She's currently developing a comedy feature film for which she's written the script and musical score.

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