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Getting Away With Murder

Sharp as a Tack but Damn Cold

Series Comedy (Broad), Drama & Genre (Action)
[ 2:58 - from IFC ]
Adult Language

Sandwiched between big budget television and ad hoc webcam clips are some well-produced, engaging, and fun webisodic gems. "Getting Away With Murder" is an IFC Independent series that was launched a few years back. It does a great job of bringing dark comedy to the web video space. I really appreciate the attention to detail given in this series (particularly the music) - an example for others to follow.

Eli Batalion

eGuider: Eli Batalion
Writer / Producer

Eli Batalion is a writer and producer with over 10 years experience in the comedy and theatre industries, including award-winning shows at Just For Laughs and Edinburgh. He is currently developing content for Fremantle Media's Atomic Wedgie site as well as a musical for the big, small and medium-sized screen.

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