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Fred at 40

Comedy (Spoof), Docs & Non-Fiction (Vlog / Webcam)
[ 2:04 - from YouTube ]

Are you familiar with the high-pitched, teenage web-star Fred, who is reportedly making a six-figure income through his ad-supported comedy videos on YouTube? If so, you'll understand that Greg Benson of Mediocre Films (an awesome entertainer in his own right) has hit this parody outta the park.

Matthew Friedman

eGuider: Matthew Friedman
Director of Content Acquisitions, Fun Little Movies 

Matthew Friedman is the Director of Content Acquisitions at Fun Little Movies in Burbank, CA, and the Director of Online Content at in Los Angeles. A graduate of the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California, Matthew grew up in the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties of California and Boulder, Colorado. Matthew has been working in the entertainment industry since his teens, starting off on film and television sets as a production assistant. He has since moved into film producing, writing, directing and editing for the documentary and narrative genres. 

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