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Jack Bauer Warns Obama

Comedy (Spoof), Drama & Genre (Suspense), Viral (Homemade, Mashup)
[ 2:01 - from Barely Political ]

Some people might think "24" main character Jack Bauer can do no wrong - especially Kiefer Sutherland, who plays him on the show. This is a cute piece in which political reality meets TV fantasy. I can see how there might be some confusion.

Meredith O'Brien

eGuider: Meredith O'Brien
CEO of Mobile Magic Studios

Meredith is a typical entrepreneur! She has many abilities and many interests. She started out in Los Angles as an actress with many small roles in film and television. She then moved to the role of Executive Producer on the feature films, Labou. From the big screen to the 2-inch screen she formed the company Mobile Magic Studios. She is also a professional film and business coach providing coaching for filmmakers taking their careers to the next level.

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