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The Intruder William Shatner

Drama & Genre (Suspense), Other Gems (Film Clip), Viral (Time Capsule)
[ 6:36 - from YouTube ]

This excerpt from the Roger Corman movie "The Intruder" is proof that William Shatner can really act. It's a great scene in which Shatner plays a racist stirring up a community of white townspeople against the integration of their school. It showcases the race baiting of Southern politicians that has left a terrible legacy of racism and mistrust of the government in the South.  This clip, as well as others, can be found on the Southern Film DVD, produced by The Oxford American.

Julian Camilo Pozzi

eGuider: Julian Camilo Pozzi
Playwright/Video Producer, House of Broken Windows

Julian Camilo Pozzi is producing traditional and new media projects that strive to combine compelling entertainment with pressing social concerns. He is interested in supporting and collaborating with like-minded professionals.

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