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Josh Doesn't Know Shit About Football (Part 1)

Comedy (Broad)
[ 4:00 - from Funny or Die ]
Adult Language NSFW
This video is part of our Journalists Give Us The Scoop On Their Favorite Online Videos Spotlight

The life and times of a misinformed super-fan. Directed by Parker Croft and written by Mark Allan, Parker Croft, and Nicholas Saraceno, I fell in love with this amusing web short that hits all the notes of that ONE friend we all seem to have who plays like they know everything about a sport, especially football. You will never look at the "superbowl classic" snack codfish in the deli case again without busting up. Special note, the actress who plays Josh's girlfriend is the deadpanning doll, Allyn Rachel. 

April MacIntyre

eGuider: April MacIntyre
Managing Editor for People/Celebrity and Smallscreen, Monsters and Critics

Starting out as an executive assistant to the head of the contemporary music department at Triad Artists, April has more than fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry, and transitioned her career over five years ago to primarily writing online about celebrity life, prominent below the line craftspeople and all things smallscreen.  April also has read her original stories at DeLauné Michel's Spoken Interludes, contributed to NPR, done featured segments for Jack FM and is a regular on Blog Talk Radio's TV Talk.

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