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Series Drama & Genre (Mystery)
[ 2:07 - from YouTube ]

From the creators of "lonelygirl15," this brand new series is about a mysterious girl named Crystal, a pretty blonde who spends too much time online vlogging. She quit art school and has moved into a new apartment, a boy knocks on the door, he's a little creepy, it's all caught on her home video camera. All the characters start vlogging. A conspiracy commences in the next few episodes, yada yada yada.... 

Varlo Vanore

eGuider: Varlo Vanore
Writer, Musician

Varlo Vanore is a writer, musician and tech geek. She geeks out in Hollywood doing post-production and special effects for music videos, films and DVDs. Her clients include Mariah Carey, The Police Reunion Tour, Black Eyed Peas, HBO, Nickelback and most recently the feature Marley and Me. She's currently developing a comedy feature film for which she's written the script and musical score.

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