<a href="https://www.joost.com/2409obh/t/Peas">Peas</a>

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Animation (3D), Comedy (Broad)
[ 2:07 - from Joost ]
This video is part of our The Freshest Joost Videos Spotlight

Aniboom shorts are not only obviously funny, they are brilliantly done. Peas is one of my favorites. 

Daniela Barone

eGuider: Daniela Barone
Marketing Director, Joost 

Daniela works on all things marketing but her favorite part of the job is watching all the great videos on Joost. Having been in the world of online marketing for years, Joost has been her home for the past year and her favorite job so far. When she's not at Joost or watching videos on Joost, you can find her scouring antique shops and flea markets for unique pottery and champagne glasses to add to her collections. 

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