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Putin on the Ritz

Comedy (Politics, Spoof), Music (Music Videos)
[ 2:32 - from MiniMovie ]
This video is part of our Bye Bye Bush Spotlight

Political satire as slick as it gets on the interwebs. Directors Audrey Mudrov and Yaroslav Kemnits give us this new video to a familiar duet between George Bush and former President of Russia Vladamir (“Ostrich Legs,” as Bush called him). A great production and digital efforts in one glorious video to expose the ridiculous friendship of convenience from one tyrant to another. 

Aaron Walker

eGuider: Aaron Walker

Aaron is currently working toward his masters in film at Columbia, while traveling the world in search of great stories and great fun. Aaron was born in the windswept plains of Wyoming, and has worked as an editor in documentary film.

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