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Reliant Robin Space Shuttle Challenge

Docs & Non-Fiction (Automotive, Computers / Tech)
[ 9:44 - from YouTube ]

In the United Kingdom, folks actually have to pay a fee to the government in order to operate a television. The money goes to support the BBC, which in 2007, brought in $7.1 billion from the fees alone. That's a decent amount of change, and a small sliver of it went towards producing this segment from the awesome series, Top Gear. Ever wanted to know if you could turn a funny little European car into a space shuttle? Watch this and you'll find out.

Ian Spector

eGuider: Ian Spector
Curious Entrepreneur / Author 

Ian Spector is a recent graduate of Brown University where he studied cognitive neuroscience with an interest in decision making and human-computer interaction and served as president of the Brown University Entrepreneurship Program. In 2005 he created, the website which created the "Chuck Norris Facts" meme. To date, 4Q has received in excess of 250 million pageviews and worldwide media coverage. Ian is the author of two books, The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 Facts About the World's Greatest Human, which is a New York Times Bestseller, and Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T: 400 Facts About the Baddest Dudes in the History of Ever. Ian's current interests are in improving businesses through creating innovative and exciting experiences for their end users.

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