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The Best Music Video Ever Made

Comedy (Unintentionally Funny), Music (Music Videos), Viral (Shock, Time Capsule)
[ 4:18 - from YouTube ]
This video is part of our Viral Music: The Good, Bad, and Bizarre Spotlight

Greatest Amateur Music Video EVER! I have been riding the Jan Terry fan wave since '02, and now she's cool? Well, I like to wave my "I saw if first" flag as often as I can now, so here I go. (Man, I'm a loser. Sigh.) Anyway this is a hilarious video with a very catchy tune, a horrifying lead singer with invisible fans, and the world's worst cameraman. Watch it for the unjustified camera moves, the plane's takeoffs and landings, the sewer pipe and the creepy dude on the bike that Jan somehow talked into being her love interest. This is mean, and I'll probably burn for it, but she reminds me of Marjorie the Trash Heap from "Fraggle Rock". That being said, just remember, "I don't want to lose you tonight / You're the only thing that matters."

Ryan Dean

eGuider: Ryan Dean
Associate Producer, Chocolate News

Ryan Dean is first and foremost a lover of all things Korean BBQ.  When he isn't enjoying Kimchi or sesame oil, he works as an Associate Producer for the new Comedy Central show Chocolate News, where he's created a wide range of comedic web content.  Ryan has worked to cultivate a strong web presence for the show, packing the site with hundreds of web exclusive extras that he has either written, directed or edited.  He also enjoys performing mediocre stand-up comedy and writing spec TV scripts and spec screenplays (someone please hire him!), and is presently in pre-production on a documentary that he will be directing.

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