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The Hills with James Franco and Mila Kunis

Comedy (Spoof)
[ 2:42 - from Funny or Die ]

If the writers’ strike was good for one thing, it was good for original online content. The strike brought television production to a halt, but it gave filmmakers the chance to refocus their efforts on new media. While many of us were concerned about where our next entertainment fix would come from, producer Judd Apatow was busy solving that problem – his ingenious reproduction of The Hills, starring James Franco and Mila Kunis, is an example of the perfect solution: turn a dramatic TV series into comedy, using well known actors to remake scenes - shot for shot, line by line. And if this hilarious clip teaches us anything, it’s that we watch The Hills for its sleek shooting style rather than its typically dull content.

Brian Rothe

eGuider: Brian Rothe
Director of Content, eGuiders

Recent west coast transplant and production expert.

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