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Will the Real Chamber of Commerce Please Stand Up?

Comedy (Politics), Docs & Non-Fiction (Eco / Green), Viral (Stunts)
[ 6:06 - from YouTube ]

The Yes Men, activist impersonators of corporate excess, continue to outdo themselves.  As they get more mainstream coverage, you'd think the press would not be so easily duped by something so clearly fishy-sounding: An announcement by the US Chamber of Commerce that it is reversing its position aganst climate change legislation, and instead embrace environmental issues wholeheartedly.  This one gets even better, as a visibly flustered official from the Chamber of Commerce interrupts the fake press conference to try to set the record straight, leading to a game of the old "No, I'M the real guy -- don't listen to HIM!"

John Wellington Ennis

eGuider: John Wellington Ennis
Filmmaker, FREE FOR ALL!

John Wellington Ennis is a documentary filmmaker looking to mix the funny with the message. His films have explored election fraud, the pharmaceutical industry, and why Rudy Giuliani has so many issues. Soon to be released is his feature comedy with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Wild Girls Gone, starring Amy Poehler in a small-town political satire. Ennis blogs on politics, documentaries, and comedy at

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