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Pedicab Operator Taxi Cab Brawl

Comedy (Unintentionally Funny), Docs & Non-Fiction (Reality), Drama & Genre (Action), Viral (Shock)
[ 5:28 - from Fox ]
Adult Language

Having lived in New York for a decade, I am very familiar with the constant rage underneath the surface.  I can't believe I never really saw a cabbie fight break out like this — or never started one myself.  Fortunately, this looks like a pretty fair fight, and no one gets really hurt, even though it's in the middle of a Midtown intersection.  Ironically, it is in front of the Late Show marquee.  Is David Letterman's drama affecting the emotions of New Yorkers?  I think my favorite part is the reluctant bystander in a suit who realizes that if camera crews are taping this, no one is going to stop it, so he leans over the hairy-backed guy wrestling, saying "Gentlemen Gentlemen!"  That guy must work in a junior high school.

John Wellington Ennis

eGuider: John Wellington Ennis
Filmmaker, FREE FOR ALL!

John Wellington Ennis is a documentary filmmaker looking to mix the funny with the message. His films have explored election fraud, the pharmaceutical industry, and why Rudy Giuliani has so many issues. Soon to be released is his feature comedy with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Wild Girls Gone, starring Amy Poehler in a small-town political satire. Ennis blogs on politics, documentaries, and comedy at

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