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A Woman Missed Her Flight

Comedy (Unintentionally Funny), Viral (Shock)
[ 3:13 - from YouTube ]

This is footage of a Chinese woman going absolutely crazy after missing her flight. We have all been stressed in the airport while we travel, but this is bringing melodrama to a whole new level. Notice how pissed she gets at the end of the video - the inevitable "take it out on the airport attendant" is in full-effect. And the Oscar goes to...

John Rota

eGuider: John Rota
Film, TV & New Media Producer

John is a producer who specializes in smart, thought-provoking films, television, and web series.  He has worked on many Emmy Award winning shows, including the documentary Legendary Nights, chronicling the 12 best fights in HBO's 30 years of boxing.   While in development at HBO Films, he worked on Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, based on the best-selling novel by Dee Brown.  His company, Divine Madman Productions, is currently developing a web series entitled 13Fights, based on John's experience working and living in the boxing world.

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