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Bill Gates VS John Rockefeller

Docs & Non-Fiction (Cultural, Profiles)
[ 3:05 - from Pop17 ]

I’d like to dream of being like Bill Gates someday. What really stands out to me about him is his opinion on success – the importance of focusing on what you want to do and what this all means. 

Sarah Austin

eGuider: Sarah Austin
Entrepreneur and Web Celebrity 

Sarah Marie Austin is a Manhattan-based entrepreneur and online lifecaster who interviews tech-oriented developers and Internet personalities, both well known and obscure. The New York Times, grouping her as a central figure in the new emerging subculture of New York techie nightlife, described her as "the founder of Pop17, a Web site posting her video interviews with tech-world celebrities. On Pop17, Austin offers reports and opinions on "the new cultural phenomenon of online micro-celebrity." She is also seen on Justin, Mogulus and Flixwagon, and YouTube displays more than 120 of her videos from various venues. 

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