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[ 3:34 - from Pop17 ]

I’ve had a few friendly feuds about what it means to be viral. Faris Yakob says, “as the viral / spreadable discussion continues, it is important to remember that how you think about something does matter, because the metaphors we use can change how we approach things.” Meme videos spread because we decide to share them with our friends. They’re “viral,” but not the “cold” kind. Or worse, like Swine flu.

Sarah Austin

eGuider: Sarah Austin
Entrepreneur and Web Celebrity 

Sarah Marie Austin is a Manhattan-based entrepreneur and online lifecaster who interviews tech-oriented developers and Internet personalities, both well known and obscure. The New York Times, grouping her as a central figure in the new emerging subculture of New York techie nightlife, described her as "the founder of Pop17, a Web site posting her video interviews with tech-world celebrities. On Pop17, Austin offers reports and opinions on "the new cultural phenomenon of online micro-celebrity." She is also seen on Justin, Mogulus and Flixwagon, and YouTube displays more than 120 of her videos from various venues. 

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